We are Pasqualotto Salvadó Regolf’s family: Giancarlo, Sonia, Lunel and Brighit


Fans for the hospitality, we left behind our international careers and we found a little piece of Peace in La Fatarella, in order to realize our dream: to create a special place, an oasis in the midst of our busy lives, to welcome friends we have all over the world; "El Petit Shangri-Là".


Shangri-Là is a fictional place described in the story of 1993, Lost Horizon by British author James Hilton. That place has become synonymous with the Garden of Eden, a permanent happy island, isolated World. Some school of thought believes that the story of Shangri-Là, literally refers to Shambhala, the mythical kingdom in Tibetan Buddhist tradition.


We have traveled and met other cultures, we did spiritual quest and we felt represented by the free will of the Celtic Culture; but not close to any vision of the world, always respecting humanity and our Mother Earth.


We got married twice. A, civilly in London (where we lived at the time), and the other, in Galloway (Scotland), following a Celtic rite





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